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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How early should I place my order?
A. As soon as you know you want a cake! We aren't kidding. There are times, especially in wedding season (Spring) and October through December (Spring 2), when we get really busy, and can't possibly make another cake. We ask for at least two weeks’ notice for some specialty cakes, and for as little as 24 hour notice for our retail cakes. Of course, you can always call to ask us with shorter notice. If we can create your cake as it should be created, we will do it!

Q. What is fondue?
A. Fondue is a Swiss dish heated in a pot and shared during a meal. It can be chocolate or cheese, and would make a terrible frosting for a cake, not that we've tried. Recently. Most people mistake this word for "fondant" which is a much more appropriate outer layer of a cake. Which brings us to...

Q. What is fondant?
A. Fondant may or may not originally be Swiss; I'm honestly not sure. Google can probably help you out, or if you really want to know, email us! Incidentally, in Texas, we say it FON-dant, with the accent on the first syllable.
Today, fondant is a sugar-based frosting that can be rolled or poured on top of a cake or petit fours. There are hundreds of different types of fondant out there. We use a particular type that tastes like the middle of an Oreo, er... a certain type of black and white sandwich cookie. If you keep it in the refrigerator, it stays soft and gooey like it's supposed to be. If it sits out for a few days, the water evaporates out of it, and it gets hard. We love the stuff because you can make it into most any color. You can airbrush it. You can form it into any shape you want, kind of like Play-Doh. Very cool stuff. We all turn into kindergartners around it. Add in the edible glitter, and we have an arts-and-crafts class in our bakery. But with power tools.

Q. I have designed a cake that I want. Can you make it?
A. I'm 100% sure we can, but only 99% sure we will. There are a few cakes we won't make. If it's a cake of a copy-righted image or character, we can't do it. We can make "inspired by" cakes, but that's the closest we can come. And as for other more, shall-we-say-"risqué" cakes, if you wouldn't serve it your grandmother, we can't make it for you. Hmm, maybe we should change that to MY grandmother, since I'm not sure what everyone else out there would approve of. And please, please don't ask for a cake in the shape of your newborn baby. While it's such a cute idea, once you have to cut into it, you'll understand why we won't do it. A baby's eye staring back at you from a cloud of red velvet crumbs is not a pretty site.

Q. Are your cakes frozen?

A. Only in fear from our awesome talent! No, we do not freeze our wedding cakes.

Q. I am gluten-intolerant. Do you offer a cake for me?
A. We offer a flourless chocolate cake, which can be a top tier on a wedding cake, or as a separate cake for a celebration. However we cannot guarantee the cake will be completely gluten-free, as there is always flour in the air here, as you can imagine. According to our bakery weather forecasts, we have frequent dust storms of flour.

Q. I am allergic to nuts. Any help there?
A. How allergic are you exactly? We can always make cakes without nuts, but if you are highly allergic to them, we wouldn't suggest having our cake. As with flour, there is always dust from nuts in the air here, mixed with all the flour.

Q. Do you offer kosher cakes and desserts?
A. Yes, we do. We are a kosher bakery. Everything we make here is certified Kosher Dairy.  We can also make pareve desserts with enough notice. We love Rabbi David Shawel! He keeps us in line with our Dallas Kosher certificate.

Q. What flavors do you offer?

A. We are an all-scratch bakery, so we can make most any flavor you like. We have a list of favorites and popular flavors here, but we are always coming up with new ones. So if you need anything from Double Fudge to Sassafras or Nesselro cake, we're your bakery. If you don't know what those last two are, don't worry; most people don't. You can always call us to ask!

Q. Can you deliver anywhere?  I am in NY/ Virginia / Cancun …how do I get my cake fix?
A. We can FedEx Overnight our 9" retail cakes and some smaller specialty cakes all over the US. Cookies ship very well too. If you want a larger cake delivered, we definitely suggest letting us hand deliver it. Yes, we do that all over too. And yes, we have delivered to Mexico. And yes, we would love to be invited to the next bachelorette party you have on the beach. Hint, hint. :)

Q. How do I schedule my wedding design and tasting consultation?
A. We accept appointments from 10a-4p Tuesday through Friday and from 9a-1p Saturday. Please call us at 214.760.8707, or email us to schedule yours. Most brides come to us 4-6 months before their wedding. We always ask for at least 2 week notice for any other specialty cake. Please, please, please don't wait until two days before you need a cake to call us. We will always do our best, but sometimes we just can't take another order.

Q. How should I prepare for my wedding consultation?
A. We ask that you find photos, clippings, jpgs, anything of cakes you like, your colors, your flowers, your dress, anything you have. If we have an idea of what style of cake you like, it’s much easier to sketch out a cake designed just for you!

 Q. How many servings of cake do I need at my wedding?
A. A four-tier cake per guest! Kidding... sort of. Most weddings will do well with 1 serving of bride's cake for everyone, and half that number for groom's cakes. This allows for 1 and a half pieces of cake per guest. That doesn’t mean that you have to pick and choose who gets groom’s cake and who doesn’t. Wouldn’t that be a mess for the caterer?
Most people will have one piece of cake. Some people, like us, will go back and have 2 pieces. We understand there are a small number of people out there that will not have any cake, sadly. We've never met these people, but we are assured they exist. Very strange, those people.

Q. I'm getting married during the summer, in Texas, with an outside reception, but I must have an all butter cream cake. What can you do for me?
A. We can make you a fantastically beautiful faux cake, and have lovely butter cream sheet cakes waiting inside in the AC to be served to your guests. Butter cream is butter and sugar that have been creamed together. It will melt in hot temperatures. Texas in summer is a bit warm, in case you aren't from here. None of your guests need to know if you have a fake cake or not!

Q. When will you deliver my cake?
A. We plan to deliver cakes two hours prior to your reception or start of your event. We deliver and set up the cake before your guests arrive. They want to see the cakes, not us moving them around on the tables.

Q. What else do you guys make besides cake?
A. Excellent question! While we specialize in specialty cakes, we also offer among other things, cupcakes, mini-cupcakes, truffles, cake balls, pies, tarts, mini-desserts and dating services. Okay, that last one isn't entirely accurate. That's only on one day of the week. And it's not today.

Q. What is the smallest cake you can make?
A. Our retail cakes are 9" diameter and 4" tall. You can see these on our Order Online page. The smallest two tier cake we make is for 35 servings; the smallest three tier cake is 50 servings. The smallest sculpted cake we make is for 35 people.

Q. What is the largest cake you've ever made?
A. Well, we have a windmill in our showroom that we used a cherry picker to finish decorating, so it was pretty tall. Then we had an oil derrick that we made that actually shot chocolate 9 feet in the air; we used a boat motor to make it work.

Q. I really, really want to work for you. Will you hire me?
A. We are always accepting resumes, but our staff is pretty solid. Just like pastries, we're flaky at times, but we tend to stick around. Get it? Stick around? Like butter, lol! But every now and then, we'll bring in an intern or will be looking for new talent. If you're interested, email your resume to us .

Q. Can I/my daughter/my son/friend/brother/sister come and work with you guys for a day?
A. Due to insurance restrictions, we cannot have any non-employee inside the bakeshop, except for delivery personnel. If you really want to see where all the magic happens, I would suggest you to get a job with FedEx and get put on our route. We can't let everyone in on all of our secrets now, can we?

Q. What words of advice can you give to a pastry-chef-slash-baker-in-training?
A. It doesn't matter where you go to school, just that you learn the art. Creativity is your friend. Sugar is good. Practice makes... well, not always perfect, but better-than-before. Never underestimate the power of cake. That should be on a t-shirt, don’t you think?

Q. What do you charge for your cake tastings?
A. We offer one free tasting and consultation session for 4 people per wedding. If you come in for a design session for a birthday, anniversary party, etc, you may purchase a tasting plate. If we gave away cake to everyone, we wouldn't have any to sell. And that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

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